Thermal Model

The Dane County Erosion Control and Stormwater Management Ordinance (effective August 22, 2002) states that a stormwater plan required under the ordinance does not have to meet thermal reduction requirements if the applicant can justify, by use of a model approved by the Dane County Water Resource Engineering Division Manager, that practices are not necessary because there will be no post-development runoff temperature increase.

One model that has been approved by the Dane County Water Resource Engineering Division Manager for estimating thermal impacts is the Temperature Urban Runoff Model (TURM) developed by the University of Wisconsin and the Dane County Land Conservation Department. Other thermal impact models may also be used if they are approved by the Dane Water Resource Engineering Division Manager.

Available Program

  • Downloadable program: turm10.xls (602 KB) - EXCEL 2000 format (version 1.0 added 8/26/02)