Lake Level Data & Information

Daily Lake Level Readings

Daily lake level readings and a statement on current conditions can be found here.

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Historical Lake Level Data

Readings are updated daily from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) and are expressed in feet above sea level. For additional information, see the USGS web site Real-Time Data for Wisconsin: Yahara River and Lakes or the University of Wisconsin Extension booklet Understanding Lake Data.

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* Elevations are reported in feet above the National Geodetic Vertical Datum of 1929 (NGVD29). Prior to 1973, this datum was the Sea Level Datum of 1929, commonly referred to as mean sea level (MSL).


INFOS Model for the Yahara Lakes

Check out the INFOS (Integrated Nowcast/Forecast Operation System for Yahara Lakes) website for more information on our Lakes.

link to integrated now cast forecast operation system for Yahara lakes


Collection of Climatic Data

The driving force behind how the lakes behave is the amount of precipitation that occurs. Relying solely on one weather station is problematic as rainfall can vary greatly over the watershed. The example rainfall map below shows this variation. To better represent how much rainfall an area receives, the county uses all of the available rainfall gages, both government and public. Spatial rainfall maps are produced from official government stations such as USGS stations and citizen monitoring stations. In Dane County there are over 50 citizen monitoring stations as compared to the less than 10 government sponsored stations. These data sources are integrated to provide rainfall maps using spatial interpolation techniques. The data collected is then used to drive the county's predictive models. For more info, click here.

rainfall map of jun 2014

Example Rainfall Map Showing Spatial Distribution of Precipitation