Urban Water Quality Grant Program

Since 2005, Dane County has made cost-sharing funds available to municipalities via the Urban Water Quality Grant Program.   The goals of the Urban Water Quality Grant Program are to improve the quality of urban stormwater runoff entering Dane County lakes, rivers and streams, increase public awareness of urban water quality issues, and provide public education about urban stormwater quality improvement practices. These goals are commonly achieved by the improvement and retrofitting of old stormwater outlets that dump untreated urban runoff into the lakes.

Urban Water Quality Grants have helped fund projects totaling almost $10 million that are estimated to have removed more than a half million pounds of debris since that time and more than 2000 pounds of phosphorus annually. One pound of phosphorus removed from the county’s watersheds prevents 500 pounds of algae growth in area lakes.

Program Information:

Municipalities that maintain one of the county’s top ten stormwater outfalls into the lakes (see list below) are eligible for an enhanced cost-sharing rate of 75% of the total cost of the project (no cap). Other projects that treat urban runoff will be eligible for cost-sharing up to 50% of the total cost (not to exceed $100,000). Projects that are funded will provide efficient cost-effective treatment of urban runoff. In order to be considered for funding, practices must be constructed and fully functional within 1 year of grant approval. 

Projects will be evaluated and selected as they are received. You are encouraged to submit any potential projects as soon as possible. Contact WRE staff with any questions.

map of past urban water quality grant projectsApplication Materials:

2018 UWQG Program Anoucement and Details

UWQG Application (doc)

Top Ten Outfall List (pdf)