Locate Thermally Sensitive Areas in Dane County, Wisconsin

Thermally Sensitive Areas are areas within a watershed that drain to an existing or proposed Cold Water Community or Class I, II, or III Trout Stream, as designated by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. These streams are capable of supporting cold water fish and other aquatic life.

Where are the Dane County Thermally Sensitive Areas?
The map below shows the Dane County Thermally Sensitive Areas in yellow. (Click on image to enlarge).

To determine if a certain parcel in Dane County is in a Thermally Sensitive Area, you can use the Land and Water Resources internet mapping application.  The Land and Water Resources application is available here: https://dcimapapps.countyofdane.com/lwrviewer/.  

To view the layers below, check the following boxes under Map Content in the Land and Water Resources Viewer application.

  • Parcels – Parcels, Tax Parcels
  • Thermally Sensitive Areas – Water Resources, Thermally Sensitive Areas
  • Cold Water Communities – Water Resources, Cold Water Communities

The Navigate function in the Land and Water Resources Viewer can be used to find an area by address, parcel, or town range and section.