Continuous Cover Program

The Continuous Cover Program provides Continuous Cover Programfunding to help farmers and landowners maintain a continuous plant cover on agricultural lands. Maintaining continuous cover helps to increase water infiltration, reduce soil erosion, improve water quality, enhance wildlife habitat practices and diversify production practices.

This program will allow farmers and landowners to convert land that is currently in an annual crop into a perennial cool-season grass mix, native prairie mix, or grazing mix. The cover must be maintained through mowing, burning and reseeding during the 15 year contract period. Lands that are currently planted in perennial cover may also be eligible for this program to help landowners keep this cover in place. This program also allows for harvesting and grazing of the cover, providing an added economic and usage benefit for farmers. Farmers and landowners interested in this program will work with Land & Water Resources Department staff to determine the best strategy for their unique farm operation.



The 2021 application period will be announced in January 2021.

Information & Application Materials